How I became a socialist, by Tim Collingwood

by Tim Collingwood January 27, 2020 I have been actively involved with Cleveland DSA for over a year now, and I thought people would appreciate reading about how I became a socialist. I hope this can inspire others to share their own stories. Hopefully readers who are on the fence about being called a “socialist” … Read more

Reading group will discuss No Shortcuts by Jane McAlevey

by John Ahlborg January 23, 2020 The members of Cleveland DSA are getting uncomfortable. Although, since living under capitalism makes us uncomfortable at baseline, I suppose it would be more precise to say that members of Cleveland DSA are getting more uncomfortable. That’s because on January 30th we’ll be discussing Jane McAlevey’s No Shortcuts: Organizing … Read more

2020 Resolutions

by Lisa Tan January 15, 2020 The year is 2020 and we need to make our voices heard louder than ever in the fight for democracy and social justice in our community and across the planet. Already we have comrades in Australia facing the terror of climate change denial as communities burn. There is an … Read more

Your First General Meeting

by Tim Collingwood December 17, 2019 Something about the political climate is drawing you to come to a DSA meeting. It could be that the solutions you see from the usual political wheelhouses aren’t enough. You are tired of the two-party system’s grip on political discourse. You may have heard about Democratic Socialists of America … Read more

Socialist Feminism is Personal and Political

by Lisa Tan November 14th, 2019 When I first became involved with activism, I was inspired by feminist movements. Feminism presented an opportunity to connect with the historical struggle for social justice and to understand my potential to participate. The intersectionality of those movements created a space for me to bond with others and to … Read more

Horror, cookies, and socialism

by Lisa Tan October 29th, 2019 How are you going to celebrate Halloween this year? At a simpler time you might just get to dress up and eat a lot of candy. Now we’ve got you eating candy, drinking alcohol, and by the end of the night it’s likely that you witness something disturbing (children … Read more

Cleveland DSA Blog Announcement

What is the Cleveland DSA blog? In the process of renovating our website, we decided to begin updating this space as the new Cleveland DSA blog. Revolutionaries can gather here, discuss experiences and share ideas around democracy, socialism, and organizing in our city. It should be noted that, as revolutionaries, we do not lead the … Read more