Our Pride: a Starbucks Workers Strike and the LGBT Movement

“I recognize at the outset that there’s some irony to a non-coffee drinking Mormon, conservative, defending a Democrat candidate for president, and perhaps one of the most liberal companies in America.” — Senator Mitt Romney to former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, as the latter testified before the Senate in March 2023 “No that’s the bottom … Read more

Change is Hard Work

This essay was inspired by a meeting with several organizers after I had been fairly MIA from my DSA chapter for a while. It is extremely refreshing to be doing tough work with people who understand the need for every person to step back from time to time, and to have others ready and willing … Read more

Students for Justice in Palestine Win Big at Case Western

Earlier this month, the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) made history by successfully passing an expansive disinvestment bill through the student government. The bill, which passed 35-17-7, calls for CWRU to “fully divest its assets in Israeli apartheid, the international military-industrial complex, and the international prison-industrial complex”. … Read more

CHOP: A Big Deal

Cleveland DSA’s priority campaign “Cleveland Housing Organizing Project” (CHOP) may come to a close by a vote at Cleveland DSA’s November General Meeting. If members choose to continue the campaign, it will likely continue in a reduced scope – a canvassing-only project. CHOP has certainly been the biggest and longest-term project in our chapter’s history … Read more

Get to know our 2021 Steering Committee! 

We asked our new steering members to share their thoughts on books, media, and resources that have influenced their growth as socialists and challenged their perspectives. See a book you’re interested in? Having trouble finding another resource on the list? Reach out to education@dsacleveland.org if you have any trouble affording a book below or you … Read more

The Truth about May 30th

Because of his failure to protect the constitutional rights of protestors, as well as his inability to accept responsibility for his deliberate misrepresentation of the events of the May 30th, 2020  George Floyd protest in downtown Cleveland, the Cleveland chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America condemns and calls for the immediate resignation of Cleveland … Read more

Policing in the US and Cleveland

by Billy Hallal Formalized policing was never a foregone conclusion in the United States. For its entire colonial history and for most of its first century post-Revolution, U.S. towns and cities relied on volunteers or private policing enterprises . The first formalized force was founded in Boston in 1838 under the auspices of businessmen seeking … Read more

Statement of Solidarity with Protesters Against Police Violence

DSA Cleveland stands with protesters in cities across the nation experiencing violence at the hands of the state. To our comrades in Philadelphia who were cornered and tear gassed, we see you. To our comrades in Louisville, where a protester was murdered, we see you. To our comrades in Portland, who have faced down tear … Read more

Know your housing rights

We are proud to share this Know Your Rights housing comic, made in collaboration with local artist Bryn Adams and local lawyer Rebecca Maurer. You can also download a PDF of this comic here. (Traducción por Camilo Villa: Conoce Tu Derechos)

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