Cleveland DSA Blog Announcement

What is the Cleveland DSA blog?

In the process of renovating our website, we decided to begin updating this space as the new Cleveland DSA blog. Revolutionaries can gather here, discuss experiences and share ideas around democracy, socialism, and organizing in our city.

It should be noted that, as revolutionaries, we do not lead the revolution. The revolution will be led by the people when through collective action they rise to build the democratic socialist society that we all envision. Our role instead is to provide the autonomy, awareness, and practical assistance that is needed in order to increase confidence and individual critical thought against the established social order. We aim to serve as an instrument of the working class in their struggle, and we exist for the masses, as a comrade, a resource and a weapon. 

How will we achieve this goal?

The blog will provide for our community:

  • a space to build and share knowledge
  • an invitation to participate in the local movement
  • an escapist and hopeful read
  • a sense of solidarity
  • a source of updates on the activity taking place throughout our chapter

Who maintains the blog?

Contributing writers are members of Cleveland DSA. The messaging committee creates original content and regularly proposes new topics to the chapter in order to share submissions from membership. 

How can members contribute?

Send an e-mail to if you are a DSA member interested in contributing to the blog. You can also follow our chapter on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or subscribe to our newsletter for opportunities to respond to polls and surveys, submit questions, and stay updated with the blog.