Cleveland DSA Special Elections!

Nominations are open for a Special Election for all Cleveland DSA offices!

At our June 1, 2017 meeting, we will have Special Elections to fill all Steering Committee positions, including officers and at-large members. We are also electing Delegates to represent us at the DSA National Convention on August 3-6, 2017, in Chicago.

Any member in good standing is eligible to vote in the election. Any member in good standing is eligible to run for office or nominate someone else. If you’re not a member, or you haven’t paid your dues in more than a year, JOIN NOW! For more information about the offices, read up on Cleveland DSA’s structure and for more detail check our bylaws.

This Special Election will elect every officer and at-large member of the steering committee for a term ending December 31, 2017. At our December meeting, we’ll have elections for full terms for our officers and at-large members.

If you’re interested in serving on our Steering Committee as an officer or an at-large member, or if you want to represent Cleveland DSA at the National Convention, you can nominate yourself or another member here.

Expectations and Responsibilities of Elected Positions

Officers and At-Large members of the Steering Committee are expected to attend all general meetings and steering committee meetings. All elected positions are expected to abide by the bylaws and any standing rules of Cleveland DSA and insure that all business and administration of Cleveland DSA complies with the local and national constitution and bylaws. Officers and At-Large members are also expected to work on committees and projects at as needed. Steering Committee members are expected to keep up with internal communications via email, text messages, or other communications platforms as decided by the Steering Committee. All Officers and At-Large members are expected to report to the Steering Committee and the general membership on all activities undertaken in the execution of their offices.

Rules Governing the June 1, 2017 Cleveland DSA Special Elections

  1. Cleveland DSA shall hold a special election at the June, 2017 General Meeting to fill all positions for Steering Committee, including Officers and At-Large Members, and Delegates for the National Convention.
  2. All DSA members in good standing are eligible to vote, nominate, contest, and hold office.
  3. The terms of all offices elected in this special election will terminate December 31, 2017, and will be replaced by regular elections in December of 2017 according to the bylaws of Cleveland DSA, with the exception that one co-chair and at least one officer will be elected to a one-year term in December 2017 to stagger elections going forward.
  4. Elections will be decided by highest total votes. If a majority is not secured, a plurality will win the election.
  5. No candidate may run for more than one office. A member may be a candidate for office and an At-Large seat. If a candidate runs for office and an At-Large seat and wins both, the candidate will fill the office and vacate the At-Large seat to the winner of the next highest total votes among At-Large candidates.
  6. Five Delegates to the DSA National Convention will be elected, and any number of alternates may be elected or appointed. Candidates for delegate who do not win election will be named as alternates, with rank and priority determined by their place in the voting.
  7. The elected Delegates will meet separately to elect the Delegation Chair to represent Cleveland DSA.
  8. Nominations are open one month prior to the election and may be made at the General Meeting, by email to one of the election supervisors, or through the Cleveland DSA website.
  9. Nominations will close at the beginning of during the June General Meeting, before the preparation of ballots.
  10. Per the Cleveland DSA bylaws, elections are supervised by an Election Committee consisting of the Treasurer, Secretary, and an appointed member. The appointment will be made before at the General Meeting and approved by the membership.
  11. The election committee will verify eligibility of members to vote, distribute ballots, tally results, and prepare a report for the co-chairs.
  12. The co-chairs will present the election results to the membership at the General Meeting.