Know your housing rights

We are proud to share this Know Your Rights housing comic, made in collaboration with local artist Bryn Adams and local lawyer Rebecca Maurer. You can also download a PDF of this comic here. (Traducción por Camilo Villa: Conoce Tu Derechos)

How I became a socialist, by Randy Cunningham

By Randy Cunningham April 6th, 2020 How do we become us? How do we form our politics? And especially how are we radicalized and how do we make the leap into embracing socialist politics? I think everyone is different and how we got to where we are is the reason biographies and personal essays are … Read more

DSA Cleveland Calls for an Emergency Moratorium on Evictions and Utility Shut-Offs

March 15, 2020 In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Cleveland DSA is urging all partner organizations to sign on to this letter to Ohio Governor DeWine, urging him to place an immediate moratorium on all evictions and utility shut-offs, and to allocate additional resources to local homelessness assistance organizations.  While it is crucial that … Read more

Tolerance Versus Solidarity

by J. Domenico February 27, 2020 Liberalism is collapsing. The historical circumstances that gave rise to, and the environmental conditions that permitted, the proliferation of liberal democracy across the surface of the earth are either already destroyed or are in the process of being cannibalized. This is most salient in the way that common or … Read more

“What do we do at DSA?” A Coloring Book

For our Childcare Working Group, Rose created this fantastic little coloring book for childcare activities at our chapter events. This is part of an ongoing initiative to make our chapter more accessible to families and parents. The content in the coloring book defines what we do at DSA in such a pure and simple way. … Read more

How I became a socialist, by Tim Collingwood

by Tim Collingwood January 27, 2020 I have been actively involved with Cleveland DSA for over a year now, and I thought people would appreciate reading about how I became a socialist. I hope this can inspire others to share their own stories. Hopefully readers who are on the fence about being called a “socialist” … Read more

Reading group will discuss No Shortcuts by Jane McAlevey

by John Ahlborg January 23, 2020 The members of Cleveland DSA are getting uncomfortable. Although, since living under capitalism makes us uncomfortable at baseline, I suppose it would be more precise to say that members of Cleveland DSA are getting more uncomfortable. That’s because on January 30th we’ll be discussing Jane McAlevey’s No Shortcuts: Organizing … Read more

2020 Resolutions

by Lisa Tan January 15, 2020 The year is 2020 and we need to make our voices heard louder than ever in the fight for democracy and social justice in our community and across the planet. Already we have comrades in Australia facing the terror of climate change denial as communities burn. There is an … Read more