Speaking Out Against the Anti-Trans Ohio DOH Rules

Yesterday the Ohio Department of Health hosted its last round of public comment on the proposed administrative rules that restrict trans healthcare.

We rallied outside of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and spoke with the workers and bureaucrats who will be asked to implement these rules if/when they come to pass as soon as next month.

It was clear that heartfelt testimony by medical professionals, DSA members, TransOhio advocates, National Association Social Workers, and so many others fell on deaf ears during public comment. Tyler Herrmann, general counsel for ODH and federalist society member, didn’t even turn on his camera as Ohioans pleaded with ODH to rescind the rules.

The state department of health is not going to listen. We need to pressure our local health agencies and providers to reject implementation and enactment of all anti-trans legislation from the state.

We are specifically asking the Cuyahoga County Health Department commissioner (Dr. Roderick Harris) and his legal counsel to come out against the administrative rules and against the enactment of HB 68 where it relates to healthcare and Medicaid.

Local agencies across Ohio need to stand up, we will keep pressuring them to do so.