[OCT & NOV] Stop the Lies! Canvass Against Issue 1 Propaganda

Every Monday and Wednesday, 7:30am until 1:00pm (until November 6th)
Justice Center Complex, 1200 Ontario St, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Do you think judges should be lying to jury selection pools about Issue 1? We don’t either!

DSA CLE has been informed that judges at the Justice Center are giving presentations to jury selection pools (usually a group of 100-200 people) telling them to vote against Issue 1. This has been confirmed by other civil rights groups in Cleveland. These presentations have included blatant lies, such as the idea that Issue 1 would allow domestic abusers to go free. We cannot let up to 400 registered voters per week be influenced in such an unethical way. In order to dispel this misinformation and misconduct, we will be canvassing and flyering outside of the Justice Center before jury selection, which occurs Mondays and Wednesdays at 8am. The ideal time to reach this audience is between 7:30am and 8:00am while people are entering. If you are available, or can swing by before work, this is a vital counter to the propaganda being spread against Issue 1, especially so close to the election. If you cannot make it that early, we will also be out until 1pm to catch those leaving jury selection. Let’s help those incarcerated and fund rehabilitation!

For more information, email Jeanne at racialjustice@dsacleveland.org

Following our release, Cleveland.com published this article by Cory Shaffer on Judge Matia politicking from the bench against Issue 1.

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