[MAY 16] May RTA Rider Canvassing

Wednesday, May 16, RTA Rider Canvassing at 5PM
Meet at Starbucks inside Tower City Center– 50 Public Square, Cleveland
We’re meeting up with CPT volunteers to canvass RTA riders for an hour. Fliers and sign-up sheets will be provided, and they’re giving us a quick training before we go out together to organize riders!
RSVP to info@clefortransit.org Subject: DSA May Canvassing so we bring enough materials for everyone.

We’re asking riders to sign the following letter:

Dear Members of the GCRTA Board of Trustees, County Council, & County Executive Budish:
Transit Riders all across Cuyahoga County urgently need your help to save our once
vibrant public transit system.
The devastating loss of MCO Tax revenue, ever declining funding from the State, and the
regressive nature of county sales tax revenue have created a public transit funding crises that
has placed undue financial hardship on GCRTA and led to repeated fare increases and cuts in
transit service that GCRTA riders and the county’s economy cannot afford. GCRTA has been put
in a very difficult position and the future of public transit in Cuyahoga County now hangs in the
The service cuts & fare hikes RTA has already made are particularly painful to riders
because they limit access to jobs and many of the great things that our region has to offer. By
making the system less useful, less attractive, and more expensive, less people will use the
system and GCRTA’s death spiral will continue.
We can’t afford further fare hikes and service cuts to GCRTA.
I’m calling on you to put a levy on the ballot this November to raise the necessary
revenue to restore GCRTA to a level of service that meets all the needs of our great