[JUN 30] Solidarity Economy Committee Meeting

Join us June 30th for the Solidarity Economy Committee’s monthly meeting.

The will be held Saturday, June 30th from 2-4pm at at the Lorain Ave. Branch of the Cleveland Public Library; 8216 Lorain Ave. Cleveland. We will be in the branch’s only meeting room, located to the left of the reception desk. One of the agenda items we will be discussing is a change of when and where we will be having our meetings. If you cannot attend and have any input just e-mail me at solidarityeconomy@dsacleveland.org

The urban farm volunteer and education day in April was a success– so the group is looking at future projects and research on food justice, alternative food economies, and community use of land bank property.

The committee will focus on:

  • Identifying groups whose mission is an economic one and whose model is one of solidarity.  Organizations who replace the basic exploitative relationships unique to capitalism with radically democratic socialist alternatives.  
  • Providing the local and the public with resources to find and support organizations that fit these criteria.
  • Establishing relationships with these organizations as a means to foster education within the local and to humbly provide them with a democratic socialist perspective whenever possible.
  • Collaboration with the education committee on continuing self education within the committee, as well as producing educational presentations, tools, etcetera for the chapter as a whole, and to the public.
  • Build a comprehensive lists of cooperatives, credit unions, and other solidarity economy organizations that already exist in the Greater Cleveland area.
  • Collaboration with outside organizations on programs that directly support these enterprises.  (Example The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives)

Contact: solidarityeconomy@dsacleveland.org

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