[JUN 14] Racial Justice Committee Meeting

Thursday, June 14th 7-9pm
SPACES Gallery, 2900 Detroit Rd, Cleveland
Contact: racialjustice@dsacleveland.org

Come learn more about the chapters racial justice work, and that of partner organizations, as well as pitch in with the labor of planning ongoing and future action.

Current campaigns:

  • Petitioning for the Ohio Organizing Collaborative’s Safe & Healthy Ohio Campaign
    Deadline to submit signatures is July 4, 2018. This is one of the most concrete actions for racial justice you can take part in. It will get 10,000+ people out of prison for low level drug crimes, retroactively remove those felonies from people’s records (allowing them to find jobs and housing), and direct the money saved into rehabilitation! There is less than one month to collect 30,000+ signatures; we are at a crucial time in Ohio history!
  • Future Brake Light Clinic

FYI this meeting takes place on the same day as 2 important events the committee encourages you to prioritize attending if you can: