[JUL 28] Solidarity Economy Committee Meeting

The July meeting of the Solidarity Economy Committee will be held Saturday July 28th from 2pm-4pm at the Lorain Ave. branch of the Cleveland Public Library; 8216 Lorain Ave. Cleveland 44102. We will be in the branch’s only meeting room, located to the left of the reception desk.

We’ll continue learning about what it means to create an economy based on social solidarity, and set an agenda for how our committee will learn about and engage with solidarity economy work.

Join us for a discussion of a brief selection from Emily Kawano’s epic SolEcon article at Next System.

From there we’ll consider how specific examples of solidarity economy in Cleveland compare with the vision Kawano puts forth.

Finally, we’ll figure out what types of work in the solidarity economy our group is most interested in (e.g., worker co-ops, cooperative housing, mutual aid, economic development policy), and we’ll form working groups to set a learning and action agenda for each.

If you cannot attend and have any input just email us at solidarityeconomy@dsacleveland.org.

We also have editable agenda, located HERE. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to RSVP on Facebook and share!