[Jan 19] Radical Contingent at Cleveland Women’s March

We are calling for a “Radical Contingent” at this coming Women’s March in Cleveland on January 19th, 2019.  This is not to disrupt the work of those organizing the Women’s March, but rather to open up space for explicitly anti-capitalist & anti-fascist politics.  Often at mass mobilizations, voices that are further to the left are absent.  Sometimes this is because of organizers, intentionally or not, leaving us out.  Sometimes it’s due to us failing to be present.

We call all area radicals, anti-capitalists, anti-fascists, and revolutionaries to join together in a contingent and elevate our voices and politics through banners, signs, leaflets, and chants.  Join with us in Public Square at 10:30am on January 19th.  Look for the red & black flags.

Burning River Anarchist Collective
BashBack Cleveland
Northeast Ohio Redneck Revolt
Northeast Ohio Antifa
Cleveland Worker’s World
Party for Socialism and Liberation
Cleveland Animal Save
Cleveland Democratic Socialists of America
IRTF – The InterReligious Task Force on Central America