CHOP Campaign

CHOP stands for Cleveland Housing Organizing Project.

As democratic socialists we view housing as a human right, and it is so much more than just shelter. It is being part of a community. It should be a sense of safety. It impacts every facet of a person’s life, including what access they have to resources such as schools and nutritious, affordable food. As socialists we believe that all people have the right to safe, dignified, and affordable housing.

CHOP is a Cleveland DSA priority campaign, started in July 2020 to accomplish two primary goals:

  1. To canvass Cleveland tenants who are facing eviction, to help them attend their hearings and fight to stay in their homes.
  2. To work with Cleveland tenants to form building and neighborhood based organizations and tenants unions, to build power in our homes and communities.

Please volunteer to attend our next canvass or to make pre- and post-hearing calls to tenants to build relationships with Cleveland renters.

Sign up at this form to canvass with us! Fill it out for each week you wish to canvass.

Click here to view our CHOP 2020 year-end data release

Click here to view our CHOP 2021 year-end data release