[AUG 25] Solidarity Economy Committee Meeting

The August meeting of the Solidarity Economy Committee will be on Saturday August 25th from 2pm-4pm.  This time it will be on the east side at the Cleveland Public Library – Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch – 2nd Floor.

This meeting will be split into two portions.  The first will focus on mutual aid. Specifically the upcoming Brake Light Clinic that the Racial Justice Committee has been working on.  We’ll describe why mutual aid is important and how it is a critical to solidarity economy. We’ll also be giving folks the opportunity to sign up to support the Brake Light Clinic.  Oh and be sure to attend the fundraiser that’s happening this Friday the 24th at Mahall’s in Lakewood.

The second portion will focus on worker owned cooperatives.  This was what the group voted on as being the most interesting solidarity economy topic.  We’ll describe how cooperatives are different than mutual aid, and yet how they are informed by it.  We’ll be watching and then discussing a brief video on cooperatives called Own the Change.  It focuses on worker owned cooperatives as described by the worker-owners themselves.

Here’s a link to the agenda we’ll be passing out at this meeting.  It’s editable in Google Drive. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.  I’ll be printing the finalized copy just before the meeting begins.


If you cannot attend and have any input just email us at solidarityeconomy@dsacleveland.org.