Starbucks / Labor Solidarity Campaign

As socialists, Cleveland DSA has prioritized the vital role of organized labor in our politics. In the past year, the fight to form unions in Starbucks cafe locations has become visible and vital on both a local and national level. Numerous stores have announced intent to organize in Cleveland, with a high chance that more will attempt to do so in the future. Additionally, several Cleveland DSA members are directly participating in the struggle as employees at these locations.

Throughout the growth of this movement, our chapter has successfully worked with these comrades and others close to the movement in order to provide support. By utilizing a variety of tactics, our membership has provided meaningful solidarity to those struggling for democratic control in the workplace. On top of this, this work has presented ample opportunity for CLE DSA to grow in ways that align with our values.

As this organizing wave spreads (potentially beyond Starbucks), CLE DSA should be ready to meet the challenges it will present. By moving our solidarity work to a campaign format, we hope to ensure that this work happens in a structured, reliable fashion, while showing our intense dedication to those fighting.