Current list of Committees & Campaigns

Starbucks / Labor Solidarity Campaign

Cleveland DSA’s current Priority Campaign is focused on (but not limited to) supporting workers at regional Starbucks store locations to organize unions and resist retaliation from corporate/management. Additionally, the campaign facilitates rapid response to support direct actions staged by unions and/or workers attempting to organize a union in any industry through fundraising/financial support, direct action solidarity, and more.

Steering Committee


The Steering committee is the central executive committee of DSA Cleveland. They meet twice weekly to set the agenda for the monthly General Meeting, discuss the goings-on of our active campaigns, and attend to various administrative duties. They are elected annually in December.


Membership Outreach Committee

We need you in order to build a democratic socialist movement from the ground up. Join our outreach committee to assist the membership coordinator in recruiting and engaging members through organizing events, meeting with new members, and developing outreach strategies.


Messaging Committee

We are working to build a democratic socialist presence here in our community. Work with the messaging team to create written and visual content for our blog, social media, and promotional material. The messaging committee creates design work for the chapter and manages our online presence. 


Political Education Committee

The education committee provides a space for learning about the systems of exploitation and oppression that we are fighting to overthrow and discussing the new world we want to create. Get involved by attending the monthly reading group, volunteering to facilitate discussions, and contributing to educational projects and presentations for the chapter.


Where can you fit in with DSA?

There are many areas to build a movement against capitalism! Bring your suggestions and ideas.

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