Current list of Committees & Campaigns

Steering Committee


Membership Outreach Committee

We need you in order to build a democratic socialist movement from the ground up. Join our outreach committee to assist the membership coordinator in recruiting and engaging members through organizing events, meeting with new members, and developing outreach strategies.


Messaging Committee

We are working to build a democratic socialist presence here in our community. Work with the messaging team to create written and visual content for our blog, social media, and promotional material. The messaging committee creates design work for the chapter and manages our online presence. 


Political Education Committee

The education committee provides a space for learning about the systems of exploitation and oppression that we are fighting to overthrow and discussing the new world we want to create. Get involved by attending the monthly reading group, volunteering to facilitate discussions, and contributing to educational projects and presentations for the chapter.


Housing Justice Committee

Safe, stable housing is a universal human right. We’re building working-class power through tenant organizing in the fight against capitalist housing exploitation. Through our work with CLASH (Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing), in August 2019 we secured a lead testing mandate in Cleveland rental properties. Now we are building a broader tenant movement in Cleveland.


Ecosocialist Working Group

The working group is bringing climate and environmental justice to Cleveland. Our projects include:

  1. Exploring how to democratize Lakewood’s electrical grid after the city’s 100% renewable pledge.
  2. Building stronger ties with Clevelanders for Public Transportation and promoting public transportation from a socialist perspective.
  3. Helping address the city’s atrocious recycling program and create guides for residents (to start).

Please join us in creating a better, and more sustainable world!


Electoral Politics Committee

Support democratic socialists and our members running for office, as well as work on developing candidates for office. We phone bank, write postcards, literature drops, set up events, go out canvassing, etc! Includes work on the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign.


Solidarity Economy Committee

A solidarity economy, unlike a capitalist economy, is an economy centered in mutualism, equity in all dimensions, participatory democracy, environmental sustainability, and pluralism. This committee is focused on supporting solidarity efforts in Cleveland as a means of transforming our current system through education into action and supports our chapter’s reflections of those actions in current work around these principles. We visit local cooperatives, collaborate with other committees on actions, and encourage participation in all decision-making circles in the city. 


Racial Justice Committee

The committee is working on 1) Brake Light Clinics to help reduce the number of traffic stops that target minorities and can lead to police violence, 2) addressing the carceral state by fighting inmate abuses at the Cuyahoga County Jail, 3) setting up immigrant support and resisting ICE operations locally, and 4) a series of presentations on combating white nationalism.


Labor Solidarity Working Group

We aim to grow democratic workplaces and worker control through solidarity organizing with local labor campaigns and developing education on organizing in the workplace. Do you want to organize your workplace? Are you in a union? Do you have experience or interest in worker organizing? Let us know!


Don’t see where you can fit in with DSA?

There are many areas to build a movement against capitalism! Bring your suggestions and ideas.

Contact to get more involved today!